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National Auction Company was established in 1989 and has conducted all types of auctions including real estate and personal property. The company was founded by George Richards who continues to serve as its President and Principal Auctioneer. For more than thirty years, the company was headquartered in Palm Beach County but relocated to Broward County in 2019.

Over the course of years, our experience has taught us successful auctions are not the result of good luck. Every auction must be carefully thought out to make certain every facet of the event results in the production of the highest amount possible. We have staff members ready to assist with the auction process who also have many years of experience.

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National Auction Company is owned by George Richards, a seasoned veteran of the auction industry. Mr. Richards entered the auction profession in 1985 and has conducted and managed auctions in many different states. We have conducted auctions on behalf of Federal Governmental Agencies including the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), United States Marshals Service and Internal Revenue Service. Real estate auctions have included all types of properties with many events conducted onsite as well as multi-parcel hotel ballroom auctions.

It has been our privilege to work with numerous Bankruptcy Trustees. Auctions assigned to us have included complete business liquidations and single asset sales. We have been appointed by Trustees as Liquidation Agents and Auction Site Managers. In other cases, we have supplied special reports needed by Trustees in their process of evaluating the estimated value of assets.

In addition, we have conducted auctions for numerous Local Governmental Agencies including The School Board of Broward County, The Broward County Board of County Commissioners, The City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Electric Authority and many others. Our experience extends to many commercial banks, corporations, and private sellers.


George Richards is responsible for daily operations, auction planning and serves as Principal Auctioneer. For many years he contributed a monthly column for an auction industry publication. He also serves as an Instructor for Florida Auctioneer Academy. In recent years and as market conditions changed, National Auction Company has turned its attention to Court-Ordered auctions. We were recently notified of the award of a two-year Auction Agreement with The Broward County Board of County Commissioners. We look forward to continuing this relationship with Broward County for whom we have conducted auctions for more than ten years. As new auctions for Broward County are planned, please also review information at our other website address;

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