Benchmark Industries, Inc. d/b/a Paper Mill Media Group

United States Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Florida, Fort Lauderdale Division

Case Number: 20-19495-SMG • Les Osborne, Trustee

Auction Opens for Registration March 16 @ 3:00pm

Lots Begin to Close March 22 @ 3:00pm

Assets Include

Canon ImagePress C8000VP Digital Color Printer, (2) Canon ImagePress 1110 Monochrome Digital Printers, Canon Toner & Printer Supplies for these printers NuArc FT40V3UP Ultra Plus Fliptop Plate Maker, Office Printers, Fax Machine, Computers, Monitors, Office Furniture, Filing Cabinets, Heavy Duty Shelving, Cases of Paper, Light Table, Work Tables, Microwave, Refrigerator

10% Buyers Premium
Payment and Removal
Tuesday, March 23 and Wednesday, March 24, 2021 From 10:00 A.M - 3:00 P.M.

link to auction


Item #



1Single Pedestal Desk (72" X 36")
2Computer Table (56" X 20")
3Long Folding Table (8 Ft X 18")
4Brother MFC-470DN Printer 
5Metal Storage Shelf (6 Shelves - 30" X 59")
6Samsung Computer Monitor (15")
7Executive Desk With Left-Hand Return (60" X 30")
8Office Chair (Damaged Seat)
9Bookcase (5 Shelves - 72" X 24")
10Desktop Computer & ASUS Monitor (24")
11Printer Stand
12Metal Bookcase (3-Shelves - 47: X 12 ½")
132-Drawer Legal Filing Cabinet
143-Drawer Legal Filing Cabinet
15Brother DCP Multi Function Printer (Model L2540DW)
16Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 8150N Printer
172-Door Cabinet/Printer Stand
18Brother Intellifax LaserFax Super G3
19(2) Handtrucks
20Samsung Large Screen Monitor/Television (46")
21Computer Table 
22Folding Table (Damaged)
23Dell Monitor (20")
24Executive Desk, Bridge, Credenza & Overhead Hutch
25Office Chair (No Arms)
26Dell Monitor (18")
27(3) 4-Drawer Filing Cabinet
28(2) 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets
29(2) Bookcases
30Single Pedestal Desk (60" X 30")
31Computer Table (60" X 30")
32Brother TN420 Printer (Model DCP-7065DN)
33Hewlett-Packard Monitor (19")
34Small Table (Round-Particle Board)
35Glasstop Conference Table & Base Scalloped Glass Edge,
(41 ½ “ X 72")
36(5) Upholstered Office Chairs
37(9) 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
38(1) 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet
39Canon ImagePress 1110 (Monochrome Digital Printer)Black & White (Serial Number: LZS20032)
40Canon ImagePress 1110 (Monochrome Digital Printer)Black & White (Serial Number: LZS20030)
41Canon ImagePress C8000VP Digital Printer (Color)Serial Number: WBC10918
42HOVMAND Paper Lifter
43(5) Canon Paper Lifts
44(2) Rolling Carts
45(3) Metal Storage Racks
46Assorted Reams of Paper (Approximately 18 Cases + 20 Reams) 
47Samsung Desktop Computer & Apple Monitor
48Apple Monitor
49(5) Cases Canon Printer Cartridges (IPQ-4 Toner-Black)
49a(6) Canon Image Press Toner Cartridges (TO2-Yellow)
49b(5) Canon Image Press Toner Cartridges (TO2-Magenta)
49cAssorted Canon Image Press Starter Sets (Yellow, Cyan, Magenta & Black)
49d(6) Canon Image Press Toner Cartridges (TO2-Cyan)
49e(5) Canon Image Press Toner Cartridges (TO2-Black)
49f(4) Canon Waste Toner Boxes
49g(3) Canon Waste Toner Boxes
49h(1) Canon Image Press Toner Cartridge (1PQ-4 - Black)
49i(1) Canon Cleaning Web Unit
49j(6) Boxes Canon #1201C Staples
49k(4) Boxes Canon #505C Staples
49l(5) Canon Waste Toner Container (WT-402)
50Assorted Reams of PaperApproximately 30 Cases
51Corner Rounds Paper Cutter
52Bessler Shrink Wrapping Machine
53Lassco Paper Drill (Punch)
54Challenge Paper Drill
55Pallet Jack
56NuArc FT40V3UP Ultra Plus Fliptop Plate Maker
57Unknown Brand Plate Maker
58Plate Storage Cabinet
59Sharp Microwave Oven
60Black & Decker Toaster Oven
61Whirlpool Refrigerator
62Bunn Coffee Maker
63Aluminum Ladder
64Assorted Cases of Paper
65Samsung Telephone Control Unit & (6) Handsets
662-Door Supply Cabinet
67Assorted Electronic Devises For Internet Connection & Voice-Mail
68Material Work Cart
69Material Work Cart
70Material Work Cart
71Material Work Cart
72Material Work Cart
73Assorted Cardboard Box StockSizes: 15 ½ “ X 8 3/4" X12" and
15" X 10" X 8"
74Swingline Elec-Tronic Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler
75Pelouze Model 4010 Digital Scale (150 Pound Capacity)
76Salco Rapid 1-6E Stapler
77(2) Pallets Cardboard Box Material
78Voltarc Graphic Systems (Lighted Drafting Table)
79Stoesser Register SRS Punching Table
80(16) Sections Heavy-Duty Shelving
81ESP (Reed Power Protection) MCG Surge ProtectorModel: NHMSF 120M 12Y


By Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Southern District of Florida
Benchmark Industries, Inc. d/b/a Paper Mill Media Group
Case Number: 20-19495-SM • Les Osborne, Trustee
Timed On Line Auction March 2021


  • The auction is open to the public and all bidders will be required to register on the National Auction Companys' Proxibid Auction Page. Bidder registration will begin on March 16, 2021 there will be a link on the webpage directing prospective bidders to


  • This auction will be a Timed On-Line Auction. Bids will be received at the National Auction Companys' Proxibid Auction Page. The auction will be conducted on

  • Registration for the auction will be through and bidders will be required to provide credit card information as a means of verification only.

  • The auction opens on March 16, 2021 at 3:00 P.M. and lots will begin closing on March 22, 2021 at 3:00 P.M.

  • The auction web site will make use of staggered closing times but all bids will end on March 22, 2021.

  • All bids will be reported to the Court-Appointed Trustee, Les Osborne who will have the right to accept or reject all top bid prices. The top bid price and next highest bidder’s information will be reported as the High Bidder and Back-Up Bidder to the Trustee. Bids that are received after published closing times will not be accepted except those falling under the conditions of Extensions of Bid described in the following bullet.

  • Extensions of Bid: In the event a bid or bids are made during the last five minutes of an auction, the end time for the auction will be extended for an additional two minutes. Extensions will continue until no further bids are received within the last five minutes of the auction.

  • The assets included in this Time-Bid Auction will be offered and sold Subject to the Confirmation of the Court-Appointed Trustee. Should any bid (s) not be confirmed by the Trustee, items may be withdrawn from the auction and placed in an event to be conducted at a future time. It is expected Top Bidders will be notified that their bid has either been accepted no later than 48 hours from the time the auction closes.

  • The Auctioneer reserves the right to establish minimum amounts for bid increases. In the event bidders do not comply with minimum amounts stated, bids received that are less than those set forth will not be accepted.


  • The Auction will be conducted by the National Auction Companys' Proxibid Auction Page.


  • The equipment, machinery and other items included in this auction are not available for Preview because of pending requirements brought about by the COVID 19 Pandemic.

  • The Auctioneer and his staff will provide information pertaining to each item included in the auction that describes its current condition to the best of the ability of the Auctioneer and his staff. Photographs and descriptions will be published on the Auctioneer’s Proxibid Auction Web Page. All information provided by National Auction Company is not guaranteed and prospective bidders should relay upon their own judgement concerning the condition of each item.

  • Every effort has been made to accurately illustrate the condition of each asset included in this auction, however, the Auctioneer is not a mechanic.

  • Each item included in this auction is specifically offered and sold in As-Is condition without guaranty or warranty either expressed or implied.

  • Specific information not included on the website can be obtained contacting George Richards at (954) 658-5033. It is possible specific information requested may not be available.


  • A 10% Buyer’s Premium will be added to all top bid prices and included in the final purchase price.


  • All Top Bidders will be notified their bid has been accepted by the Trustee through National Auction Company by the E-Mail address supplied at the time of Bidder Registration.

  • Payments can be made by Cash, Money Order, Certified Check or Cashier’s Check. All checks should be made payable to National Auction Company, Auctioneer’s Escrow Account. Personal and Corporate Checks will be accepted only when accompanied by a current bank letter which guarantees payment for purchases made at this auction.

  • Payments can also be made via Bank to Bank Wire Transfer. Please contact Auctioneer for bank information.

  • All payments will be accepted starting on March 23 through March 24 between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

  • a. Payments must be made at the auction site, 6555 Powerline Road, Suite 109, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • b. In the event a Top Bidder has purchased more than one item, payment in full must be received before anything can be removed.

  • Purchasers arriving at the auction site will be expected to wear a face covering and observe social distancing.


  • If a buyer fails to complete the sale under the conditions set forth in the Terms & Conditions of Sale, any deposits and/or payments will be forfeited and assets will remain the property of the Trustee.

  • If a Top Bidder fails to make payment in full after being notified their bid has been accepted, at the discretion of the Trustee and/or Auctioneer, the bidder’s name may be subject to removal from the mailing list and may not be permitted to participate in future auctions.


  • Purchased items must be removed from the auction site on or before March 24, 2021. National Auction Company is not responsible for items purchased remaining at the auction site after completion of the auction.

  • Purchasers must bring their own tools and equipment needed to remove items from the auction site location.


  • All bidders will be required to register on the National Auction Companys' Proxibid Auction Page. A link will be provided at Each Bidder will be assigned a Bidder’s Number. The Bidder’s Number will be used and that number will be recorded for that sale.


  • From I-95 (Broward County)

  • Exit at Commercial Boulevard (Fort Lauderdale) and continue West to Powerline Road. At Powerline Road, turn right and continue to auction site location.

  • FROM the Turnpike (Broward County)

  • Exit at Commercial Boulevard and continue east to Powerline Road. At Powerline Road, turn left and continue to auction site location.


  • If additional information or other details are needed, please contact George Richards at (954) 658-5033 or by e-mail at

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