Board of County Commissioners, Broward County, Florida
Fleet Services Division

Auction will be Conducted at Online

Auction Begins May 26, 2020 & Ends June 8, 2020

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Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic there will be no on-site previews of the vehicles being offered for sale

It had been our intension to conduct a Live Auction for some of these vehicles but those plans were interrupted by conditions brought about by the Covid 19 Pandemic. For those of you who have attended other auctions we have conducted for Broward County, the basic Terms & Conditions of Sale remain the same and will be posted on the online auction website.

One of the major changes is that personal contact will not be possible and there will be no on-site previews of the vehicles being offered for sale.

The website will include detailed information pertaining to the vehicles being offered for sale. To the extent possible, the website will include specific vehicle information. Each vehicle will be opened and started. It is our plan to include a short video to allow potential bidders the opportunity to hear each vehicle run. If a vehicle has damage, it will be photographed and noted with the website information. If a vehicle does not start or will only start with a jump-start, that will also be noted. As each vehicle is started, we will note if the air-conditioning is working. When major mechanical issues are known, that information will also be noted on the website.

Even though we would rather conduct a live auction, current conditions do not allow for that. At the same time, bidders who want or need specific information can contact me by cell phone, text or email. Every effort will be made to get the information to you quickly and before the time bids are scheduled to close.

Contact information for George Richards is:
Cell: (954)658-5033


The following items are scheduled for inclusion in the auction and more detailed information will be available when final inventory lists are published. The information and photographs published to the website are provided to allow prospective bidders to see what is expected to be included in this auction. This list is preliminary and will be replaced with a more comprehensive list.

Sedans & SUVs
Vans & Work Vans
Pickup Trucks
Heavy-Duty Trucks
Transit Buses


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Lot#: 1 2007 Ford F350 Cab & Chassis 4-Door Dump Truck1FTWW32Y57EB2178068133 miles
Lot#: 2 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid SedanJHMFA36246S01827242959 miles
Lot#: 3 2012 Chevrolet Captiva SPRT SUV3GNAL1EK7CS61410795288 miles
Lot#: 4 2012 Chevrolet Captiva SPRT SUV3GNAL1EK0CS61342894368 miles
Lot#: 5 2012 Chevrolet Captiva SPRT SUV3GNAL1EK8CS61207498178 miles
Lot#: 6 2012 Chevrolet Captiva SPRT SUV3GNAL1EK2CS614077102493 miles
Lot#: 7 2012 Chevrolet Captiva SPRT SUV3GNAL1EK3CS612032110503 miles
Lot#: 8 2012 Chevrolet Captiva SPRT SUV3GNAL1EK2CS61207183106 miles
Lot#: 9 2012 Chevrolet Equinox SUV All-Wheel Drive2GNFLCEK7C639118083246 miles
Lot#: 10 2008 Chevrolet Impala LS Sedan2G1WB55K481319700157254 miles
Lot#: 11 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid SUVJTDKB20U777665660124726 miles
Lot#: 12 2005 Ford Freestar 7-Passenger Van2FMZA50645BA3581272205 miles
Lot#: 13 2004 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van1GCEG15X741185533111169 miles
Lot#: 15 2006 Ford Freestar 7-Passenger Van2FMZA51696BA5488794481 miles
Lot#: 16 2006 Ford E150 Cargo Van1FTRE14W06DA4657270335 miles
Lot#: 17 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier BIF Sedan3G1JC52481S240621111401 miles
Lot#: 18 2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB22U24007565780260 miles
Lot#: 19 2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB22U940076269140751 miles
Lot#: 20 2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB22U840074724103533 miles
Lot#: 21 2005 Ford Taurus Sedan1FAFP53U35A283731107466 miles
Lot#: 22 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB20UX7766834385377 miles
Lot#: 23 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB20UX73273991113480 miles
Lot#: 24 2007 Chevrolet Malibu Sedan1G1ZS58N47F301191102730 miles
Lot#: 25 2007 Chevrolet Malibu Sedan1G1ZS58N27F302145108859 miles
Lot#: 26 2007 Chevrolet Malibu Sedan1G1ZS58N57F301278120834 miles
Lot#: 27 2007 Chevrolet Malibu Sedan1G1ZS58NX7F30228185875 miles
Lot#: 28 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB20UX7767078675975 miles
Lot#: 29 2008 RAM 2500 Series Heavy-Duty Pickup3D7KR26D98G12010690659 miles
Lot#: 30 2008 Ford F150 Pickup 4x21FTRF12348KD69860128996 miles
Lot#: 31 2008 Ford F150 Pickup 4x21FTRF12268KE4123794896 miles
Lot#: 32 2000 Chevrolet G2500 Series Cargo Van1GCFG25M4Y124109389475 miles
Lot#: 33 2000 Chevrolet G2500 Series Cargo Van1GCFG25M9Y124087687347 miles
Lot#: 34 2001 Dodge 2500 Series2B7JB21Y21K54264989741 miles
Lot#: 35 2001 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup 1GCCS14W71823133265995 miles
Lot#: 36 2002 RAM 3500 Series Cargo Van2B7KB31Z42K134853105679 miles
Lot#: 37 2003 RAM 2500 Series Cargo Van2D7JB21Y93K51302796769 miles
Lot#: 38 2003 RAM 2500 Series Cargo Van2D7JB21Y83K51302159589 miles
Lot#: 39 2003 RAM 2500 Series Cargo Van2D7JB21Y83K51301868574 miles
Lot#: 40 2003 RAM 2500 Series Cargo Van2D7JB21YX3K51301984296 miles
Lot#: 41 2003 Ford F150 Pickup Crew Cab1FTRW08643KD77664113887 miles
Lot#: 42 2003 Chevrolet 2500 Series HD Pickup1GCHC24U53E23245778348 miles
Lot#: 43 2004 Chevrolet 2500 Series HD Silverado Pickup 1GCHC24U14E261147132338 miles
Lot#: 44 1997 Chevrolet C3500 Utility Body Dual Rear Wheels1GBHC33F5VF04396486212 miles
Lot#: 45 1997 Chevrolet C3500 Pickup Lift Gate Dually1GTHC34F2VF050221105208 miles
Lot#: 46 2001 Ford F179 Pickup 4x21FTPF17L21NB49243105792 miles
Lot#: 47 2005 Chevrolet 2500 Series HD Pickup 1GCHC24U55E326891107623 miles
Lot#: 48 2007 GMC C3500 Pickup Diesel Dually1GCJC39607E57194362146 miles
Lot#: 49 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB20U77766567478061 miles
Lot#: 50 2005 Chevrolet 2500 Series HD Pickup 1GCJC24U65E26770672028 miles
Lot#: 51 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4x4 SUV1GNDT13S17226892891102 miles
Lot#: 52 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4x4 SUV1GNDT13S56230435891175 miles
Lot#: 53 2006 Chevrolet 2500 Series HD Pick Up 4x41GCHK24U96E262911129773 miles
Lot#: 54 2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB22U357043888101397 miles
Lot#: 55 2001 Ford Taurus Sedan1FAFP52211A272172103672 miles
Lot#: 56 2003 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV1D4HS38NX3F583471113605 miles
Lot#: 57 2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB22U54007476287052 miles
Lot#: 58 2005 Ford Taurus Sedan1FAFP53U95A309670118729 miles
Lot#: 59 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Sedan1G1JC524427236940120001 miles
Lot#: 60 2007 Ford Freestar 8-Passenger Van2FMZA51237BA23066140079 miles
Lot#: 61 2012 Ford F-250 Pickup1FTBF2AT3CEA89209128778 miles
Lot#: 62 2001 Dodge 2500 Series 12-Passenger Van2B5WB25Z91K54820757578 miles
Lot#: 63 2001 Dodge B150 Cargo Van 2B7HB11X81K54403483513 miles
Lot#: 65 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier BIF Sedan3G1JC52441S24002075218 miles
Lot#: 66 2004 Chevrolet 2500 Series HD Silverado Pickup1GCHC24U94E28367288524 miles
Lot#: 67 2004 Freightliner Sprinter 10-Passenger VanWD5PD644X4562866245158 miles
Lot#: 68 2004 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van1GCGG29V941198047111618 miles
Lot#: 69 2006 Chevrolet C1500 Series Silverado Pickup1GCEC14X56Z28737967956 miles
Lot#: 71 2005 Ford Taurus Sedan1FAFP53U05A28372178580 miles
Lot#: 72 2004 Chevrolet 2500 Series HD Silverado Pickup 1GCHC24U24E261285122561 miles
Lot#: 73 2004 Ford Taurus Sedan1FAFP52U74A180134128739 miles
Lot#: 74 2005 Ford Taurus Sedan1FAFP53U55A283729118536 miles
Lot#: 75 2005 Ford Taurus Sedan1FAFP53U95A28372095789 miles
Lot#: 77 2006 Chevrolet 2500 Series HD Pickup/Bi-Fuel1GCHC24UX6E261506131531 miles
Lot#: 78 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid SedanJHMFA36226S013300103939 miles
Lot#: 79 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid SedanJHMFA36236S015668124277 miles
Lot#: 80 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid SedanJHMFA362X6S01458259223 miles
Lot#: 81 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid SedanJHMFA36216S01459799813 miles
Lot#: 83 2007 Chevrolet Malibu Sedan1G1ZS58N47F28501171051 miles
Lot#: 84 2003 Chevrolet 1500 Series Pickup1GCEC14X03Z29530568014 miles
Lot#: 85 2003 Ford F350 Utility Body1FDWF36P93ED8483248645 miles
Lot#: 86 2007 Ford F150 Pickup1FTRF12237NA65898121915 miles
Lot#: 87 2007 Ford F150 Series Pickup1FTRF12257NA65899108879 miles
Lot#: 88 2006 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado Pickup 1GCEC14X86Z289692113570 miles
Lot#: 89 2007 RAM 2500 Ram Utility3D7KR26D67G82075958830 miles
Lot#: 90 2008 RAM 2500 Series HD Pickup3D7KR26D58G12010429750 miles
Lot#: 91 2008 RAM 2500 Series HD Pickup3D7KR26D08G16544950175 miles
Lot#: 92 2008 RAM 2500 Series HD Pickup3D7KR26D68G16622056083 miles
Lot#: 93 2008 RAM 2500 Series HD Utility Body3D7KR26DX8G183697108258 miles
Lot#: 94 2000 Chevrolet C3500 Series Pickup Crew Cab1GCGC33F6YF50272399917 miles
Lot#: 95 2001 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup1GCCS14W018223900101048 miles
Lot#: 96 2004 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van1GCDM19X24B123188153189 miles
Lot#: 97 2006 Chevrolet C1500 Series Pickup1GCEC14X06Z285782113364 miles
Lot#: 98 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB20UX73271321102880 miles
Lot#: 99 2008 Ford F350 Utility Body1FTWF30578EE3577876104 miles
Lot#: 100 2008 Ford F350 Utility Body1FTWF30558EE3578085910 miles
Lot#: 104 2006 Ford F550 Cab & Chassis Versa-Lift Truck1FDAF56P56EC09181105279 miles
Lot#: 105 2006 Ford F550 Cab & Chassissignalier Lift Truck1FDAF56P87EA13799148757 miles
Lot#: 106 2006 Ford F550 Cab & Chassis Signalier Lift Truck1FDAF56P36EB14411173869 miles
Lot#: 107 2006 Ford F550 Cab & Chassis Signalier Lift Truck1FDAF56P56EB14412148869 miles
Lot#: 110 2005 Ford Dump Truck2FZHAZCV25AV000819050 miles
Lot#: 111 2003 Buick Century2G4WS52J531278324117060 miles
Lot#: 112 1995 Saber 40 Fire Truck4P1CT02UOSA00064062849 miles
Lot#: 113 1995 International Dump Truck1HTGLAHT6SH22031116419 miles
Lot#: 114 2006 Liberty1J4GL48K26W20896537571 miles
Lot#: 116 2013 Ford Fusion Sedan3FA6P0G77DR24959353621 miles
Lot#: 117 2008 Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV1FMEU73868UB1413685868 miles
Lot#: 119 2008 40001J9VM4HF18C17209341477 miles
Lot#: 120 2008 Vt650-Ds Street Sweeper1FVAB7BV67DX1072331434 miles
Lot#: 122 2010 Ford E450 Cab & Chassis Shuttle Bus1FDFE4FP4ADA05666 N/A miles
Lot#: 123 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS7EDB10020261800 miles
Lot#: 124 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS3EDB17109247484 miles
Lot#: 125 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FSXEDB17110233100 miles
Lot#: 126 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS8EDB17123270520 miles
Lot#: 127 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS9EDB17129255582 miles
Lot#: 128 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS5EDB17130255281 miles
Lot#: 129 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FSXEDB17138252526 miles
Lot#: 130 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS1EDB17142258747 miles
Lot#: 131 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS5EDB17144233445 miles
Lot#: 132 2014 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS9EDB17146241673 miles
Lot#: 133 2015 Ford Champion Shuttle Bus 1FDFE4FS3FDA02771248839 miles
Lot#: 134 2002 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271721073155842479 miles
Lot#: 135 2002 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271521073190823159 miles
Lot#: 136 2002 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271X21073203866595 miles
Lot#: 137 2002 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271121073204774428 miles
Lot#: 138 2002 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271521073206744572 miles
Lot#: 139 2002 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271131073211801708 miles
Lot#: 140 2003 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271331073671860354 miles
Lot#: 141 2003 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271731073673799821 miles
Lot#: 142 2003 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271231073676798225 miles
Lot#: 143 2003 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GD2710331073678766818 miles
Lot#: 144 2003 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271531073689770374 miles
Lot#: 146 2003 Gillig 40-Foot Transit Bus 15GGD271431073694763512 miles
Lot#: 147 2005 NABI 40-Foot Transit Bus 1N90403335A140457729337 miles
Lot#: 148 2005 NABI 40-Foot Transit Bus 1N90403365A140467770814 miles
Lot#: 149 2005 NABI 40-Foot Transit Bus 1N904033X5A140469729663 miles
Lot#: 150 2005 NABI 40-Foot Transit Bus 1N90403385A140471713983 miles
Lot#: 151 2005 NABI 40-Foot Transit Bus 1N90403395A140477753533 miles
Lot#: 152 2006 NEW FLYER Articulated Bus5FYD5YW016C031113389437 miles
Lot#: 153 2006 NEW FLYER Articulated Bus5FYD5YW036C031114432740 miles
Lot#: 154 2006 NEW FLYER Articulated Bus5FYD5YW056C031115423370 miles
Lot#: 155 2006 NEW FLYER Articulated Bus5FYD5YW076C031116400258 miles
Lot#: 156 2006 NEW FLYER Articulated Bus5FYD5YW096C031117420032 miles
Lot#: 157 2006 NEW FLYER Articulated Bus5FYD5YW006C031118381036 miles
Lot#: 158 2007 NABI 40-Foot Transit Bus 1N90403637A140133541255 miles
Lot#: 159 2007 NABI 40-Foot Transit Bus 1N90403657A140134566402 miles
Lot#: 160 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid SedanJTDKB20UX7327327725150 miles
Lot#: 163 1995 Ford F800 Utility Truck 1FDPF80C6SVA7756184221 miles
Lot#: 164 1995 Ford F800 Utility Truck 1FDNF80C9SVA7756276876 miles
Lot#: 165 1995 Ford F800 Utility Truck 1FDNF80C0SVA77563111738 miles
Lot#: 166 1995 International Chipper Truck 1HTSCAAR7SH68211288079 miles
Lot#: 167 1997 International Dump Truck1HTSCAAL4VH45803669011 miles
Lot#: 170 2002 International Water Truck 1HTSDAAR32H50224836885 miles


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Board of County Commissioners Broward County, Florida

Timed Auction of
Surplus Vehicles and Equipment 2020

  1. SCOPE:

    • The Board of County Commissioners, Broward County, will conduct a public auction of County vehicles and equipment which have been declared as surplus to the needs of Broward County.

    • This auction will be a Timed On-Line Auction. Bids will be received at [to be released]. The auction will start at 10:00 AM, May 26, 2020, and will end promptly at 3:00 PM, June 8, 2020. All bids will be reported to The Board of County Commissioners, Broward County, Florida. The top bid price and next highest bidder’s information will be reported as the High Bidder and Back-Up Bidder to Broward County personal. Bids received after 3:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time on June 8, 2020, will not be accepted except those that fall under the conditions of Extensions of Bid described in the following bullet.
    • Extensions of Bid: In the event a bid or bids are made during the last five minutes of an auction, the end time for the auction will be extended for an additional five minutes. Extensions will continue until no further bids are received within the last five minutes of the auction.
    • The vehicles and equipment included in this Time-Bid Auction will be offered and sold Subject to the Confirmation of the Seller, The Broward County Board of County Commissioners. In the event top bid prices are not confirmed by Broward County, the items may be withdrawn from the auction and placed in an event to be conducted at a future time. It is expected Top Bidders will be notified that their bid has either been accepted within 48 hours from the time the auction closes.
  3. PLACE:

    • The Auction will be conducted by the National Auction Company on their website, [to be released]

    • The vehicles and equipment included in this auction are not available for Preview because of pending requirements brought about by the COVID 19 Pandemic.
    • The Auctioneer and his staff will provide information pertaining to each item included in the auction that describes its current condition, odometer reading, observable damage, and running condition. Photographs and descriptions will be published on the Auctioneer’s website.
    • In the event a vehicle does not run or has specific damage, this information will be provided on the Auctioneer’s Website.
    • Each vehicle is specifically offered and sold in As-Is condition without guaranty or warranty either expressed or implied.
    • Specific information desired by any Registered Bidder can be obtained by contacting George Richards at (954) 658-5033.

    • Broward County, as a casual seller, is selling surplus vehicles and equipment at Public Auction, for cash, to the highest bidders. Announcements made by the Auctioneer will be made via the website and e-mailed to all registered bidders. Despite our efforts to avoid the withdrawal of items from the sale list after being mailed or advertised, it may sometimes be necessary. Therefore, Broward County Board of County Commissioners reserves the right to do so and further reserves the right to accept or reject any/all bids.
    • Buyer (s) shall at all times hereafter indemnify, hold harmless and, defend County, its officers, agents, servants, and employees from and against any and all causes of action, damages, claims, losses, liabilities, and expenditures of any kind, including attorney fees, court costs, and expenses, causes or alleged to be caused by an intentional or negligent act of, or omission of, Buyer, its subcontractors, employees, agents, servants, or officers, or occurring, resulting from or related to the subject matter of this Agreement including, without limitation, the removal of any property purchased by the Buyer from the County, the sale by Buyer of any such property to third parties, ant defect in the operation or physical condition of any such property and any and all claims, losses, liabilities, expenditures, demands or causes of action of any nature whatsoever resulting from injuries or damaged sustained by any person or property. In the event any lawsuit or other proceeding is brought against COUNTY by reason of any such claim, cause of action or demand, Buyer shall, upon written notice from COUNTY, resist and defend such lawsuit or proceeding by counsel satisfactory to the COUNTY or, at COUNTY’s option, pay for an attorney selected by County Attorney to defend COUNTY. To the extent considered necessary by the Contract Administrator and the County Attorney, any sums due Buyer under this Agreement may be retained by COUNTY until all COUNTY’s claims for indemnification pursuant to this Agreement have been settled or otherwise resolved; and any amount withheld shall not be subject to payment of interest by COUNTY. The provisions and obligations of this section shall survive the expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement.
    • All property is offered and sold “as is” and “where-is”. The County makes no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied to the operation or condition of any piece of equipment. Even though a great effort is made to assure the accuracy of the information, including odometer statements, it is possible information provided might not be correct.
    • Once top bid prices have been received and communicated to Broward County Personal, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCHANGES
    • Successful bidder (s) agree to comply with all terms and provisions as listed above.

    • All Top Bidders will be notified their bid has been accepted by the National Auction Company through the E-Mail address supplied at the time of Bidder Registration.
    • Payments can be made by Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard, American Express and Discover), Cash, Money Order, Certified Check, or Cashier’s Check. All checks should be made payable to Broward County Board of County Commissioners. Personal and Corporate Checks cannot be accepted for this auction.
    • All payments will be due no later than five (5) working days after being notified they are the Top Bidder.
      • A. Payments must be made at the Fleet Services Administrative Office located at 1600 NW 31 Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069-5101.
      • B. Payments can be made between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 P.M. ONLY.
      • C. Certificate of Motor Vehicle Titles and vehicle keys will be released following payment in full.
      • D. In the event a Top Bidder has purchased more than one vehicle, payment in full must be received before anything can be removed from County property.

    • If the buyer fails to complete the sale under the conditions set forth hereon, or agreed to by the County, any deposits and/or payments made to the account of the County will be forfeited and vehicles will remain the property of the County.
    • If a Top Bidder fails to make payment in full after being notified their bid has been accepted, at the discretion of Broward County and/or the Auctioneer, the bidder’s name will be subject to removal from the mailing list and may not be permitted to participate in future auctions.

    • Buyers of vehicles will be responsible for any required license plate, transfer fees, insurance and payment of State Sales Tax. Titles, where required, will be signed over to the new buyer. The title will be completed showing the buyer, date of sale, mileage and the amount of purchase price. Titles will be notarized if required.
    • It is noted the vehicles being offered for sale may have excessive mileage which makes them exempt from odometer statements.

    • Property must be removed from the auction site on or before Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 3:00 P.M. Neither Broward County or National Auction Company is responsible for vehicles, equipment, machinery, or other items that remain at the auction site after completion of the auction.
    • Broward County will have staff and equipment available to assist with loading between the hours of 10:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M.
    • It will be the responsibility of Top Bidders (Purchasers) to arrange for their own transportation and removal of Non-Running Vehicles from Broward County’s property. Bidders (Purchasers) should bring their own jump-boxes or battery cables for any vehicle that will not start on its own.
    • Top Bidders (Purchasers) using Towing Services will be required to be present when vehicles are being removed from Broward County property.
    • Top Bidders (Purchases) will be required to sign a receipt which shows delivery of purchased vehicles or equipment.

    • All bidders are required to register with National Auction Company on their website, [to be released] Each Bidder will be assigned a Bidder’s Number. The Bidder’s Number will be used and that number will be recorded for that sale.

    From I-95 (Broward County)

    Exit at Copans Road and continue West to Blount Road. At the traffic signal, turn left and continue to the auction site on your left just North of the Sheriff’s Office facility.

    From the Turnpike (Broward County)

    Exit at Coconut Creek Parkway (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd), Exit #67. After paying toll, continueto the traffic signal and turn left onto Cocnut Creek Parkway (MLK Blvd.). At Blount Road, turn left, and the auction site will be on your right just past the Sheriff’s Office facility.


    • Agency: Broward County Fleet Services Division

      Contact Name: James Bailey
      Contact Number: 954-357-5450
      Contact Email:
    • Auctioneer: National Auction Company

      Contact Name: George Richards
      Contact Number: 954-658-5033
Auctioneer: George Richards, National Auction Company
Contact Number: 1-561-364-7004 or 954-658-5033 (cell)
Contact Email:

National Auction Company

Real Estate Brokers & Auctioneers
Licensed • Insured • Bonded

Office: 561.364.7004
Cell: 954.658.5033

Mailing Address: 7958 Pines Boulevard #506, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024
Office Address: 1900 SW 100 Avenue, Miramar, Florida 33025
AB640 AU899