National Auction Company was founded to promote the sale of real estate and personal property at public auction. We operate from offices located in Broward County, however, much of our time is spent in the field preparing for or conducting auctions. Successful auctions require dedication to understanding the assets that are to be sold and market conditions which will affect the price (s) that can be expected. Even though we constantly face new challenges, there are not many situations we have not faced...

In the auction business and most others, there is no substitute for experience. That experience also requires working closely with sellers who employ us and dealing with potential purchasers with courtesy and the highest level of professionalism. The terms and conditions we use are straight forward and designed to reflect well on the seller, purchasers and auction company. We maintain high standards and insist on being fair to everyone involved in the sale process...

Whether you are exploring a live auction, sealed bid or on-line event, National Auction Company has the experience to serve your needs. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and develop an auction plan that meets your needs.

If you are reviewing any of the upcoming auctions and have questions not answered in the website, please contact George Richards directly at 954.658.5033.





By Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Southern District of Florida
West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale Divisions

Saturday, April 30 @ 11:00 A.M.

Auction Starts 11:00am
1900 SW 100 Avenue, Miramar, Florida 33025

Robert Furr, Trustee • Lindsey Lee Remmenden • Case Number: 21-21579-EPK

2019 INFINITY Q50 3.0t

Robert Furr, Trustee • Trudy Mae Jackson • Case Number: 21-10779-EPK

2015 Ford Escape SE

Marc Barmat, Trustee • Rejean Fecteau • Case Number: 21-13051-SMG

2007 Nissan 350Z

Marc Barmat, Trustee • Lois Steinberg • Case Number: 21-21702-SMG

2011 Toyota Prius

Marc Barmat, Trustee • David Giron • Case Number: 21-20644-SMG

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 3LT

Marc Barmat, Trustee • Brett Bowman • Case Number: 21-21055-SMG

2007 Harley-Davidson Road King Custom

Marc Barmat, Trustee • Annette M. Dixon • Case Number: 21-21050-SMG

2014 Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster

Sonya S. Slott, Trustee • Jaba Pro Stone Corp. • Case Number: 21-21361-PDR

2018 Tesla Model 3

Sonya S. Slott, Trustee • Angel J. Romero Santana • Case Number: 22-10093-SMG

2020 RAM 2500 Limited Heavy-Duty

Sonya S. Slott, Trustee • Yuri Ajoku • Case Number: 22-10067-SMG

2014 BMW 428i

Leslie S. Osborne, Trustee • Cheranne Williams • Case Number: 21-21551-SMG

2015 Nissan Murano SLi

Leslie S. Osborne, Trustee • Catherine Guerrero • Case Number: 21-18685-PDR

2014 Nissan Pathfinder SV

Leslie S. Osborne, Trustee • IQ Formulations, LLC • Case Number: 21-15922-SMG

2017 Nissan Titan SV Platinum Reserve
2018 Chevrolet Suburban C1500 Premier

Marc Barmat, Trustee • Victoria Navvaro • Case Number: 21-21683-PDR

2017 Honda Accord Sport

In Re: Barbara Helene Cole • Case Number: 21-20505-MAM

2008 Toyota Camry LE


2004 Freightliner Cab & Chassis

Altec Bucket Truck • Utility Body

Estate Auction

2011 Harley-Davidson Road King

10% Buyers Premium, All sales are "As-is" "Where Is"
The items included in this Auction are
offered and sold Subject to the Confirmation of the Seller.




Board of County Commissioners,
Broward County, Florida
Surplus Vehicles, Equipment & Machinery

Bidding Starts April 28 @ 3:00pm

Lots Begin to Close May 3 @ 3:00pm

7% Buyers Premium, All sales are "As-is" "Where Is"
The items included in this Auction are
offered and sold Subject to the Confirmation of the Seller.


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